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Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics

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Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) Industry Subsector Tabulations (Research Release)



The Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) data provides a set of statistics on job changes, including transitions to and from nonemployment, characteristics of origin and destination jobs, and earnings associated with transitions. The standard J2J release includes tabulations at the industry sector and state and metropolitan geography.

A special research release of industry subsector (3-digit NAICS) data is being provided to accompany the first quarter 2024 J2J release (R2024Q1). This release contains the same set of statistics tabulated for more detailed industries. These tables are on the state level (not metro) and are not crossed by additional firm or person demographics.


Industry Subsector to Subsector Flows

A primary feature of the J2J origin-destination tables is the ability to examine industry changes that occur when a worker undergoes certain job-to-job transitions. This research release provides an opportunity to look at these industry changes in much greater detail. A separate tabulation of the public release files has been prepared to report subsectors that are most closely tied through these employer-to-employer (EE) job transitions. For every reference industry subsector, linked subsectors are reported as follows:

  • Top ten destination industries for workers separating from the reference subsector
  • Top ten origin industries for workers being hired into the reference subsector

Data are presented as annual shares of the national flows (states available, only) into and out of each industry in the ranked-NAICS3-J2JOD  PDF icon (2.62 MB) file accompanying this release, along with methodology for the calculations.


Download the Data

To browse the J2J Subsector data files in their directory structure or to access them with a FTP program (must be able to access HTTP), go to: lehd.ces.census.gov/data/experimental/j2j/j2j_subsector/R2024Q1.


Data Sources

The source data for these tables come from the research release of NAICS Subsector tabulations associated with the regular J2J production release for the first quarter of 2024 (R2024Q1).



The procedures used by the Census Bureau to construct the NAICS3 J2J were developed as an extension of Hyatt et al (2017) PDF icon (740 KB) , and are a tabulation of EE employment flows by NAICS3 and state.

National NAICS Subsector estimates are not available directly, because the national impute is not performed for that level at this time. For user convenience, we will aggregate the available state-level count data to national totals, with the caveat that state censoring is present. The grand total (aggregation level 1) will also be summed from the states available, rather than using corresponding estimates from the national impute. Rates will be recalculated from the national counts. For reference purposes, the version files for the national files include the overall date ranges of the individual states contributing to the national totals. These can be found here:

Note, measures have varying data lags due to calculation requirements, described in the LEHD Schema, so not all measures will be available for the overall range that a state provides data.


Confidentiality Protection

The NAICS3 J2J use the same disclosure avoidance techniques as discussed in Hyatt et al. (2017) PDF icon (740 KB) .


Release Frequency

At present, NAICS3 J3J is a research product, and no firm release schedule has been established. This page will be refreshed to reflect the latest availability. Released files are available in the "Download Data" section above. 

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