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Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics

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LEHD makes available several data products that may be used to research and characterize workforce dynamics for specific groups. These data products include online applications, public-use data, and restricted-use microdata. The Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) and LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) data are available online for public use. Confidential microdata are available to qualified researchers with approved projects through restricted access use in Census Research Data Centers.

Quarterly Workforce Indicators

The Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) are a set of economic indicators including employment, job creation, earnings, and other measures of employment flows. The QWI are reported using detailed firm characteristics (geography, industry, age, size) and worker demographics information (sex, age, education, race, ethnicity). QWI data are available through the following access tools:


Learn more about LODES by choosing one of the links below.

LODES Data Download

LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) used by OnTheMap are available for download below. Version 7 of LODES was enumerated by 2010 census blocks. Previous versions of LODES were enumerated with 2000 census blocks.

Data files are state-based and organized into three types: Origin-Destination (OD), Residence Area Characteristics (RAC), and Workplace Area Characteristics (WAC), all at census block geographic detail. Data is available for most states for the years 2002–2011.

To browse the LODES data files in their directory structure or to access them with FTP program (must be able to access HTTP), go to

Restricted-Use Microdata

In addition to the public-use Quarterly Workforce Indicators data and LODES data, LEHD microdata are available for research use in approved projects. Researchers interested in using restricted-use LEHD data must submit a proposal to conduct research at a secure Census Research Data Center (RDC). LEHD data available in the RDCs includes job-level quarterly earnings history data, person-level demographic data, establishment-level firm characteristics, and establishment-level Quarterly Workforce Indicators. Detailed information about restricted-use LEHD data, including available states and years, is on the CES LEHD Data page.

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